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Kamran M. Nemati is a registered professional civil engineer in the states of: California (1982), Hawaii (1983), Idaho (1991), Maryland (1988), Nevada (1992), New York (1994), Oregon (1984), and Washington (1984).

Testing Engineers, Inc.

Oakland, California, U.S.A.
Consulting Engineer
November 1997 - September 1998

Forensic Engineering: Investigating all types of structural, construction, and building problems, from major to simple performance failures. The scientific investigation and assessment of damage, as well as expert analysis of causation to be used for purposes of retrofit, repair, claims adjustment, or litigation. Developing appropriate mitigation measures to prevent failures and to determine the vulnerability of facilities to damage. Preparing research proposals to investigate mechanical behavior of structural materials in severe environmental conditions.

Kaiser Engineers, Inc. (Now AECOM)

Oakland, California, U.S.A.
Senior Civil Engineer
June 1985 - November 1997

Selected Projects

Los Angeles-Long Beach Rail Transit Project, California. Designed railroad mainlines, sidings, and yard tracks for the Los Angeles-Long Beach Rail Transit Project. Coordinated horizontal and vertical alignment, typical sections, grading and drainage along railroad corridor and city streets, road reconstruction, utilities relocation, grade crossing design, checking of calculations and drawings, and extensive use of civil engineering computer programs.

Union Pacific Railroad Company, Long Beach, California. As a design engineer, designed the environmental remediation of a 30-acre site in Southern California and was responsible for the preparation of construction drawings. The remediation required by the Remedial Action Plan consisted of stabilization followed by encapsulation of old oil field drilling wastes and soil contaminated with volatile organic compounds. Included within the encapsulated area were collection facilities for gas and drainage fluids which were produced due to consolidation and microbial action.

Park Avenue Railroad Tunnel Improvement Program, New York City. Designed the railroad mainline through the 2-mile Park Avenue Tunnel for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Metro-North Commuter Railroad in New York. Conducted horizontal and vertical alignment calculations, track profiles, grading and excavation.

New Haven Line Maintenance Facilities, Stamford, Connecticut. Designed complex railroad track alignment for the New Haven railroad maintenance facilities. Project included alignment calculations using Coordinate Geometry computer program, track profiles, demolition plan, parking lot design, and drainage system.

Fresh Pond Bus Depot, NYCTA, Queens, New York. As a civil engineer for the design of a new $21.5 million bus maintenance facility for the New York City Transit Authority, designed paving and grading, storm drainage, and underground utilities for water, sanitary, storm and natural gas. Designed the underground storm water retention system in accordance with rate-controlled discharge flow criteria of Queens Borough Sanitary District.

Superconducting Super Collider Project. Using the Intergraph computer-aided engineering system, participated in conceptual design of the Superconducting Super Collider project for the U.S. Department of Energy. Prepared general site arrangements, performed digitizing of the ground surface and geological formations in three dimensions, and extracted profiles for the 55-mile-long tunnel, using the digital terrain modeling computer program.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California. Involved in updating the laboratory's master plan, prepared detailed design and construction documents for storm drainage systems, sanitary collection systems, street improvements, parking lots, and general site developments. Also, prepared a report evaluating the adequacy of secondary containment for Hazardous Waste Management facilities, based on Federal and State of California regulations and requirements pertaining to the design and Capacity of the Containment Systems.

Rapid Transit System, Baltimore, Maryland. Conducted drainage study, including groundwater infiltration and surface runoff for the Northeast Corridor Tunnel of the Baltimore Metro. Also, responsible for implementation of the computer-aided engineering for the overall project design for all disciplines. Dam Spillway, Vallejo, California. Designed the remedial earthwork and slope protection for the lower spillway of the Lake Curry Dam in the Gordon Valley Project.

Berths 8 & 9 Rehabilitation Project, Port of Oakland, California. As a project civil engineer, designed grades, pavement, railroad tracks, yard utilities, and drainage; prepared design criteria, drawings, technical specifications, and phasing schedule. Project involved modernization of the back-up yard, including chassis, port packer, and transtainer container terminal operations at Berths 8 and 9 of the Port of Oakland Bay Bridge Terminal.

First Avenue South Bridge Project, Seattle, Washington. As a civil engineer, participated in the design and analysis of alternative methods, alignments, right-of-way displacement, and construction phasing for the project.

Air National Guard Base, Fresno, California. As a project civil engineer designed a two-lane perimeter access road parallel to the runway of Fresno Air Terminal. The project included horizontal and vertical alignment, grading and drainage, utilities relocation, pavement design, and rehabilitation of the existing pavement.

NASA, Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California. As a design engineer, designed grading, paving, and drainage for 12-foot diameter pressure wind tunnel at Ames Research Center. The project also involved parking design, site striping, and landscape plan as well as restoration of adjacent roads and sidewalks.

High Level Waste Tank Farm Replacement, Idaho National Engineering Laboratory. As a design engineer, participated in the detail design of mass excavation and installation per EPA regulations of underground tanks, underground pipelines, lift pump stations, and grinding stations.

PPG Lime Lake #5 Reclamation, Barberton, Ohio. Was involved with the evaluation of RCRA permitting option for the proposed lime spoil/sewage sludge disposal reclamation project. Through contacts with the USEPA and Ohio EPA, determining the most expeditious RCRA permitting alternative for the project, either interim measures or final remedy, or possibly some other regulatory avenue. Also reviewing the impacts of RCRA regulations on other permits such as sludge management and NPDES required for the site.

Oakland Hills Fire Cleanup Project, Oakland, California. Responsible for the preparation of the base maps used by the contractors for the cleanup of the affected sites caused by the October 1991 Oakland hills firestorm. The base maps were prepared using Intergraph Computer-aided engineering.

Map Conversion Project, California. Supervised a group of six CAD operators on map conversion project for California Department of Transportation. Coordinated production of magnetic tapes containing electronically digitized topographical maps derived from hand-drawn maps using an Intergraph minicomputer-based work station.

AC Transit Company, Storm Water Clean-up; Oakland, California. As a project engineer, coordinated design of system to remove oil contaminates from storm water runoff from a large passenger bus maintenance facility. The work included a pump station, a large oil/water separator, skimmers, and control systems.

Urban Water Management Plan, California. Prepared an urban water management plan for the City of Vallejo, California, which included an analysis of the past, current, and future water needs, and a description of proposed water conservation. measures.

City of Oakland, California. Department of Public Works. As a civil engineer designed underground utility systems and pump stations. Prepared cost estimates and conducted feasibility studies, reviewed structural plans by architects and engineers, and prepared engineering reports and studies dealing with upgrading and redesigning underground utilities to accommodate high-rise building construction and urban population growth. Participated in the Infiltration/Inflow Study for the East Bay region of San Francisco Bay.

Syska and Hennessy, Inc. Engineers; San Francisco, California. Was responsible for the design and analysis of storm drainage, water supply, and disposal systems; planning and design of pipelines and pumping plants; sewage and industrial waste treatment; and environmental assessments.


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